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Hi Guys , We're Kemresource.

We've been exporting Agro produce for the past five years.

Business Identity

Kemresource is duly registered with the Nigerian Export and Promotion Council (EXC 0004847) and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC 1279667) as Oxhib Limited. Quality Guaranteed.


Our products quality is highly assured as we have entered into partnership with renowned Research and Inspection Institutions such as SGS, National Root Crop Research Institute, Neroli Technologies, Standard Organization of Nigeria and the Nigerian Agricultural and Quarantine Service to test products and ensure its conformance with international best practices prior to shipment. We offer nature at its best as we only embrace natural methods of planting, harvesting, drying and storage, hence all our produce are GMO and allergen free.

Secure Payment

KemResource (Oxhib Limited) provides every client with the serenity and peace of mind that is essential for international trade operations. We accept Letters of Credit, Advance payment or full Direct Deposits into our bank accounts.

How we work


We prepare our lands, plant and nurture our farm produce.



We gather our farm produce and carefully sort out healthy ones that are fit for consumption.



Our customers and potential clients are notified immediately after harvest of our available farm produce.



Immediately an advance or full payment is made, we'll start packaging the specific ordered produce for export. We also accept Letter of Credit.

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Q & A

01. How Can I Partner with KemResource?

Before writing to us for any partnership deal, keep in mind that we aim for companies that share our core values among others. We'd love to have hundreds of you that have shown interest over the past weeks. Unfortunately, we have certain standards we ought to maintain. To get started, send your proposal through our ''free consultation'' form.
We are aware of the rise in autoimmune diseases, infertility, gastrointestinal problems and chronic diseases associated with Genetically Modified foods We don't just export agro produce, we promote healthy living. We are working tirelessly to be the overall best fresh organic producer in Africa. All our produce are GMO-free, we carefully select and test our seeds before planting season.
Sure! we do offer free samples and free shipping. Kindly note that in some cases, you'll be required to foot your shipping bill due to your location if not covered under partnership deals we have with some courier companies.

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